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Tell us about how you’ve participated in your community and / or how your 4-H experience is making a difference in your life or the lives of others.

Tell us what you love about 4-H. Tell us (and others) about the cool experiences you're having in 4-H.  Just click on the Share Your Story link. We’ll post your story so others can read it! Each month, we will draw a name from those submitting stories and give away a 4-H t-shirt to one lucky "story" participant.

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About NC 4-H Share Your Story

Over the next decade, the most vital innovations in communities are likely to be lead by young people – 4-Her’s. Here you can read stories about how 4-Her’s have gotten involved in their communities and made real impacts on societal, civic, economic, and cultural issues.  Read stories about today's youth, caring volunteers and 4-H alumni, who are creating a culture of creation.

4-H sees youth as “citizen leaders” who define their rights as learners and who can re-create the civic sphere.

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